‘Unity (Yoga) Plays as Diversity”

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Unity (Yoga) plays as Diversity

Ooh Dear Formless Divine Mother… through an unbroken living Tradition of sages, You gifted us our self-portrait. A portrait that contains both the Self and the appearance of the mere self. It is a portrait that applies to each individual. We all function and operate in exactly the same way. We appear different because our bodies do not look the same, also the collection of memories, habit patterns, desires, wishes and wants stored on our “harddrive”, is different for each of us. Simultaneously, this portrait is also a picture of the whole of manifestation, the totality of Existence. So it is Your portrait as well ooh dear Formless Divine Mother. The appearance of duality is a play of Consciousness, Non-duality is the Essence of Existence.This portrait of Existence reveals our True Nature and offers us a path Home.
Yet, our true Nature lies hidden, veiled by ignorance. Thus, as we walk the appearing path and uncover forgotten aspects of ourselves, it is experienced as expansion. The conscious part increases and the unconscious part decreases.
First it may appear as if I am discovering my senses, my breath, my mind and even my Silence, my True Self. Ooh how silly… that ego can claim all this to be its possession.
Ego is a translation of ahamkara. Aham = i am, kara = maker, ahamkara = i-am maker . It is not the identities themself, but the ability to take them on.
Thus, from the ego point of view it might appear that the journey is like this… “I” am moving inward, discovering the center of “my” being.
Everything along the way you uncover is subject to change. So how can this be the True Self? Seeking to find that which does not change reveals that there must be something beyond body, breath and mind. The center of “your” Being is the source of all the other parts of “you”.
Wait a second…. If mind, breath and body emerge from this center, then this center came, so to speak, first, and all the others later. Realizing this, ego slowly dares to see that it is not self-existent. Ego is not the owner. It all flows from this center, including ego.
What will happen is a 180-degree shift. Suddenly it becomes clear; I, as ego, am not moving inward. Consciousness is moving outward as a “me”. All “I” did was retrace the outward moving flow of Consciousness. Consciousness plays as mind, with the appearance of an ego, as breath, as body, as senses… as an appearing me!
If you and I receded into the Source out of which we emerged do we dive into different Sources? No. We are not merely connected. We are coming from the same Source. We all come from the same Source. Can you “see” it…. Everything, all appearing forms come from That.
It is the appearance of ego, which is none other than Consciousness itself, that has the seeming ability to appear as if it can isolate itself from the whole.So out here they appear as different. Here; All is One. Yet All os Brahman (Oneness, Unity = Yoga). What an amazing magic show it is… isn’t it!
What about this… Over time, people in different places have retraced the outward moving flow of Consciousness back to the Source out of which they emerged. Out here they appeared as Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Swami Rama, Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, Swami Yogananda, Anandamayi Ma and many, many others…. But they all knew by direct experience that All is One. They knew that Everything emerged from One Source. They served the local people in a way that worked for them. Thus they may appear to have shared different teachings, but only the vase was different… the flowers, the essence, were the same. They all taught Love…. They were all Prophets of Love. Because if you see that all is One, You Love all, and exclude none….
You are no different from them… You too can be a prophet of Love. With practice you can polish the ego to make it see where it gets its energy from. Then ego can become a representative of the Formless Consciousness by appearing as an individual while fully knowing it is All One, sharing selflessly, giving selflessly….
You can see Consciousness manifesting as and through everything around… All comes from That… and All is That…. It is all Consciousness and its play….
That why I personally call Formless Consciousness “Divine Mother” because Formless Consciousness appears as a lap of Love in which all forms can play in freedom…

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Yoga Meditatie, Contemplatie en Devotie voor Zelf-realisatie

Deze site is een offer aan allen die een diep verlangen hebben om dat Pure Bewustzijn dat aanwezig is in al de drie staten van Waken, Dromen, en Diepe Slaap direct te ervaren, dit Puur Bewustzijn is ook wel bekend als Divine Mother (Goddelijke Moeder) of Tripura (‘Tri’ betekent drie en ‘pura’ betekent stad); want Ze is degene die in de drie steden van Waken, Dromen en Diepe Slaap woont. Deze drie steden/staten tijdelijk achterwegen laten en verblijven in Puur Bewustzijn wordt Zelf-realisatie genoemd. Een andere naam voor Zelf-realisatie is Yoga; de vereeniging van de individuele zelf met de Universele Zelf; de vereeniging van Atman met Brahman; of Shiva met Shakti; of het scheiden van Prakriti en Purusha. Sommige zullen misschien denken dat Tripura een antropomorfisch wezen is, maar dat is Ze niet, Ze is de Non-dualistische Realiteit waarin alle oogschijnlijke manifestatie lijkt te bestaan. Alles wat er is, is de Non-dualistische Realiteit.
De teachings van Yoga, Vedanta, en Sri Vidya Tantra worden op deze website aangeboden om je te begeleiden in het leren rechtstreeks te kunnen mediteren op Tripura door gebruik te maken van moderne communicatie middelen, zoals via animaties, terwijl de eeuwenoude wijsheid wordt behouden. Een eeuwenoude lijn van meditatie meesters, die we liefdevol de “de Traditie van de meesters uit de Himalayas” noemen, heeft deze eeuwenoude wijsheid aan ons gegeven. Deze practices leiden ons naar een ruimte van stilte waarin Yoga meditatie, contemplatie, mantra en gebed samenkomen als diepe devotie en constant bewustzijn van Tripura. Gratie komt aan het einde van de reis, wanneer alle inspanningen zijn uitgeput. Dit heet shaktipata, waardoor de laatste barrière wordt verwijderd, dit is het doorboren van de bindu en leidt tot de directe ervaring van de Non-dualistische Realiteit. Dit onthult eindelijk de onvoorstelbare Vreugde die voorkomt uit het kennen van de Non-dualistische Realiteit of Puur Bewustzijn!


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